Senior Day League 2020/21

(Updated: 2020-12-8)
Notice : Due to the current pandemic situation, the senior day league 2020/21 is required to finish within December 2020. If there are matches cannot finish within December 2020, all the unfinished matches would be canceling and will not be rescheduled. The highest point on 31/12 would be the winning team of the league.

For enquiry, please contact us at 2504 8582/6120 1566

 Fax 3582 4923  or email to

Brief information and rules for Day League :

  1. Event Title: Senior Day League;
  2. Tentative date of the League commence in November 2020. Match day of Division One will be on every Wednesday (starting from 4/11) and Division Two will be on every Friday (starting from 6/11); starting at 10AM.
  3. Entry fee is HK650 each team
  4. Player must be a valid HK Identity holder and a member of HKVTA (Associate member, Ordinary Member in 2020 or Life member).

Division One, male player must be 50+ and female 40+, while male player must not grade A+ by HKTA  on that current league season.

Division Two, male player must be 50+ and female 40+, while male player must not grade B or above by HKTA and  female player must not grade A+ by HKTA on that current league season.

  1. Division One: At least 4 players must be grade B or above in each team.
  2. At least 6 players are being registered in one team, and no more than 2 female players shall be fielded during each match. Combination of players may be men’s double, ladies’ double or mixed double.
  3. Team registration shall be in Club, Company or Registered Society. Match can be played on Public Courts and using 2 courts.
  4. Format of play: one (7 points) tie-break (8 games) pro-set. 4 players of one team to form 2 pairs to compete with the opposing pairs alternatively for 2 round and a total of 4 sets.
  5. Scoring: team winning 3 sets will be the winner of the match and be awarded with 2 league points; 1 league point for each team for a score of 2 sets all; losing team with 0 league point.
  6. Captain of each team must fill in the particulars on the score sheet in duplicate before match. The score will be recorded and signed by both captains and provided to HKVTA, ASAP.
  7. Detail rules and regulations of the league playing to be referred to the Day League Handbook which will be published at a later date.
  8. Home team may provide post-match lunch for the visiting team. HKVTA respects such traditional courtesy, but not a rule within the Rules for the League Competition.

entry deadline is on 14 Sept 2020

For enquiry, please contact us at 6120 1566  Fax 3582 4923  or email to