Membership system

Q&A of the newly introduced Membership system as at January 2013.

Answer 1 :

The differences of the three types of Membership in respect of rights, welfare, entry fee and annual fee are as follow:

Associate Member – (entry fee HK$100 

The entry fee is once for all and no annual fee will be levied.

He/she has no right to be elected as council member, Hon. Secretary etc. nor has the right to vote during AGM.

He/she may enjoy discount, privileges when offered by HKVTA through the cooperation with commercial companies.

He/she may take part in Veterans Leagues, Veterans Day Leagues, Ranking Tournament, National Championships etc organized by HKVTA, but the entry fee may be different with other type of Memberships.

He/she may not take part in HKVTA’s specially organized social tennis activity, other social gathering, or representing HKVTA to attend tennis competitions in HK or outside HK.


Life Member – (entry fee HK$3000 

Entry fee is once for all and no annual fee will be levied.

He/she may enjoyed all welfares, privileges, right to be elected, right to vote, right to take part in all types of activity.


Ordinary Member – (entry fee $500

Membership will be effective for that year only upon the payment of annual fee for that year, calculated from January each year.

He/she will then be treated as Life Member is respect of rights and privileges. 

Answer 2 :

No, your membership is not effective. You need to apply to enter for any one type of membership again.

Answer 3 :

No, you cannot. All you need is to fill up and sign the membership entry form again on or before the end of the year.  

Answer 4 :

Gold color is Life Member; Green color is Associate Member; Silver color is Ordinary Member.